Audials One is the universal media converter software. Learn how to convert music, series and movies in the best quality.

Music streaming: No copyright protection is circumvented
Music streaming services that can be recorded with Audials do not use any effective protection against recording and output unencrypted audio e.g. on the PC's sound card. Audials always only records such unencrypted audio data.
According to US Copyright Law “No action may be brought … alleging infringement of copyright based on … distribution … or based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a … digital audio recording device”.

Video streaming: DMCA 1201
The US Copyright Act (DMCA) stipulates in Article 1201 that no "effective protection" of copyright-protected content may be circumvented. The tool "Audials One" presented here fully meets these requirements. More information

The universal converter for any case and device

Audials One assists you in dealing with aggrevating file-formatting problems associated with your music, audiobooks, videos, and movie files. Furthermore, Audials One reliably solves file formatting-issues via the “PerfectVideo” and “PerfectAudio” quality guarantee. You can use the best media software for retrieving and editing your entertainment at a low price. Don’t miss this opportunity!  

Audials One for Windows 11 and 10

Download free demo. Get to know Audials One and its possibilities. A registration is not needed. If you aren’t pleased, you can uninstall the software without a trace.

Examples of files formats that can be converted:

flac to mp3

mp4 to mp3


Far more combinations are possible because in Audials all common audio and file formats are available.


You will find all available input and output formats for audio and video on our support page.

Audials One - your music and video streaming recorder and audio video converter

Converting is not the only thing Audials One can do. It is an all-in-one-solution for streaming recording, organizing and enjoying your music:


  • screen record video streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and many other providers
  • add subtitles to your movies and series
  • cut out ads and trailers with the video editor and cropper
  • record music streaming from Spotify, Amazon Music etc. exactly cut and tagged, with automatic lyrics search
  • cut your songs, search for and edit tags
  • access and record millions of podcasts and more than 100,000 radio stations in all languages





"quickly and easily frees music and videos"

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"good all-round file conversion tool"





The conversion of [...] music is reliable and fast


The quality of the generated music and video files was excellent

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